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Choices let you decide the path you’re in. Be it right or wrong, it’s you who gets to taste its feel and learn through the journey! I for one have always admired the 5 Ws of life. I have never stopped it with just that admiration, however have taken it forward with the honest implementation as well. That taste of positive attitude is different, it is “resilient”! It becomes resilient when you define it for yourself, and do not let others take that role “for you”. Here is a toast to my taste (read: creativity or a creative choice!):

  1. Who we are is what makes you special. You response to reflect is crucial!
  2. What lies ahead will be a mystery. You unravel by turning it your history!
  3. When life pushes you over, you push back smarter!
  4. Where there are choices to make, you hold on to the resilient lake!
  5. Why things happen will never be certain. Your cheerfulness must enhearten!

Take one step further to listen to this short info-cast (it is indeed a self-toast, yet again!):


Choose to selflessfly stay content!Choose to stay positive! Choose to become resilient! Can you?

The lotus flower is known to spread its roots further down when the water level in the pond rises. It is also known to bloom and position itself in the direction of the sun. Any opportunity that blooms branches varied options for us to choose from! Do we selflessly choose to stay content, or ignorantly choose the opposite of positivity, is all within us, and well within our reach! The content of our character is our choice! Everyday’s contentment and thought is what we evolve into day by day.

Resilient reflection that took its shape when designing my daughter’s art book! Yet again, a strong choice to indulge in the act of creation! Small or Big became immaterial!

Either we can choose to complain, or we can choose to celebrate! We prefer the *latter* – seeing an opportunistic ray-filled creek that channelizes our potential in whatsoever path we have been. We as a family have always shared a motivational experience under any given circumstance – good or challenging! What is yours ? Bending down to the regular norms is the natural approach. However, have you worked upon it’s cost? It causes a lifetime of regret that doesn’t lend a helping hand. Rather, it destroys even the limited positivity and hope that exists in the present. 

Amidst my drawing desk keep-sakes, there certainly are blocks of creativity which arose by “CHOICE”
  • Choose to stay positive. 
  • Choose meditation over words. 
  • Choose songs over anger. 
  • Choose to stay calm than indulge in a raging conversation. 
  • Choose to play than sit idle. 
  • Choose divinity over vengeance. 
  • Choose to forgive than to shut out relationships. 
  • Choose to mellow down than to succumb to monotonous lifestyle. 
  • Choose creativity over crumbling down!
Do you have it in you to accept, change or leave it ? All the 3 needs a BRAVE STEP!

We certainly are not the ones to be free from the circumstances of the choices we elected upon. Simply because there is nothing left to choose during that period. It does demand a lot of perseverence to accomplish this step.

Now that you have stood up to the meaning of your name, take the second step to cling onto positive choices. Given a chance, choose to stay positive and you will see a new you – ‘a resilient you!’ . Should you have any questions/thoughts in putting those choices to action, why don’t you charge yourself up to leave them in the comments below?!

Before that, take a guess on who drew the below (an age guess will also be accepted) when I had posed them with the question – “what do choices mean to you”? When I was expecting a one-liner, the visual was an unintended earshot!

Choices mean a variety of things! It could ALSO be a visual you choose to “see” within…

Choices could mean a variety of things, however I just learned that it could ALSO mean a visial you choose to “see” within! What’s your definition ?

Published by Ramya Varadharajan

A passionate young woman who has just realized her Iconic Independence, truly by leading a life, on her own – which she has only fantasized in her dreams all through these years, before stepping into a challenging role of this kind (you will get to know what this journey has been!). I have wanted to prove myself, not just in the cyber space, but the treasure-filled stage of life as well. Ask me to whom I wanted to prove? It was just to myself and not to anyone else. I for one slide into the shoes offered to me on a daily basis by the All-Pervasive! Whatever that might be! I also want to be an active player all through the blissful years that is showered and the ones that I am yet to be presented with! I am full of life and values and wish to re-create the meaning of this ‘journey undertaken’ – not just through the mere survival and existence, but by the richness of resilient thoughts to LIVE and THRIVE every moment that flashes by!

4 thoughts on “Choices ..!..!

  1. Really a wonderful write-up.Right up to the mind, right up to the body, right up to the energy frontier all integrated sad the energy wave Is the aura of genuineness. Genuineness is fearlessness . Where the goddess of wealth resides? Obviously as we know in the heart of the only Omnipotent Maha Vishnu – the Supreme Power of powers that be. Where DhyraLakshmi resides ? Ofcourse, where there is the integration between Reflection-Resonance-Resilience-coupled with Introspection is the heart which is blooming like the solar powered Lotus. The mind of analysis and the body of action releases the successes over weaknesses. Life being really a mystery but then containing the head and the tail – the virtues and the viruses – what we perceive positively and optimally becomes the reality. So choice is real because it is based on the resultant forces of the three constituent Gunas – the Satwic, Rajasic and Tamassic ( pure-calm, speed -virulent and idle-satanic) and the free will given by the Almighty LORD KRISHNA . Struggles and challenges are the stepping stones for a resilient heart. Such a heart not only pumps blood but sends vibrations of positive energy from ATLANTA to MADIPAKKAM . One may wonder after all what is in a name? Worlds Wide spread Wisdom Widens Wonder in the sense everything is in a name.Choice , complementarity , and subsitutability all sigmaed in bliss or happiness headsup. With these few words the test be contented enough that always TV5 high powers are delivered as the first meaningful first data with the fiveserves-the pancha bootha activated not only in each one of us but also each one of US. Each word is worth.Child , is definitely father of man; because only from child God creates man. Similarly only through choice a person evolves, revolves and devolves over a period of time.

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  2. Well thought out guidance toward what must be our natural state – optimism and positivity! As for the age, the age is of an old soul in a young body:-) She knows!


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