Quality and Quantity… OR Quality versus Quantity…?

Mom has freshly prepared ginger concoction for an aroma filled tea. The pervasive aroma fills the air around you and invites you for a “Tea with your mom”. Do you think of “quality” or “quantity” at this point in time? Your toddler is toddling with small, tiny, hesitant steps forward to run through the restContinue reading “Quality and Quantity… OR Quality versus Quantity…?”

Mindfulness – Episode #1

Reflection #2: Meet our characters “Bunch” & “Crunch”  Mindfulness as a calming agent: Being in a state of awareness without being judgmental about one’s own feelings and experiences is being “mindful”. Being mindful allows us to refocus deeply on the present moment – the here and the now. Mindfulness allows us to practically implement whatContinue reading “Mindfulness – Episode #1”

Bodhi & Maya Series – Kid’s Reflection #1

Bodhi & Maya Series – Kid’s Reflection #1 Explore your interests – Remember this is the age!! Bodhi & Maya: Hello friends! We are one of the thoughtful and mystical cousin pairs! We want to share our thought provoking positive ideas with our friends out there either as dialogues or in a story format. WeContinue reading “Bodhi & Maya Series – Kid’s Reflection #1”

Waterfall or Agile at HOME ??

Waterfall w/o load balancer or Agile with load balancer AT HOME?  Waterfall and Agile are two methodologies that rule the corporate world at the present moment. Yes, any mode of work, from requirements gathering to software services or products being deployed would go through two of these methodologies during its life cycle to evolve intoContinue reading “Waterfall or Agile at HOME ??”

Impurities of our MIND…

My weekend thoughts have been revolving around “impurities of our mind” and thinking about how they hinder our internal growth! Have you ever given this a thought ? Here are a few pointers that I couldn’t get past without a deeper reflection at every stop: > Expectations and/or associated Jealousy often lead to unnecessary comparisonsContinue reading “Impurities of our MIND…”

Life’s Transitions: the path travelled with my MOM!

One more for the “blast from the past” series. Initially I had written the following dedication on April 18th, 2009. Adding it here to my revived and worthwhile collection. Secured in a place where there is nothing but the angel’s love and surrounded with the life saving fluids which her hormones secreted just for me,Continue reading “Life’s Transitions: the path travelled with my MOM!”

Eye of the Second I

This is a self-reflection from Jan 17th, 2010 – yet another blast from the past! Read, reflect upon, and share your thoughts for us to learn and grow together! “Let me demand more from myself than anybody could ever elicit from me“, what a phenomenal auto suggestion. Definitely, the year has just blossomed viz., theContinue reading “Eye of the Second I”