Yoga’s Way with my Dad

Yoga integrates body, mind and the soul. Physical energy, Mental energy and Spiritual energy. Yes! Yoga is ‘wholistic‘; then ‘holistic‘ too! When synergy operates each cell vibrates and the flow passes via each nerve, muscle, bone, and the micro units conglomeration realizes the macro unit’s Bliss!

Yoga postures or Asanas, Meditation techniques, Pranayama practices are well knit ‘programmes’ of action devised by our forefathers who were great seers, sages, saints and their wellness speaks volumes. Their Transcendence if we follow in letter and spirit the whole cosmos, as ‘Vasudaiva Kudumbham’ is in bliss!

Let us do our best and attain with faith Peace and Prosperity!

The postures that we will discuss in the threads to this page are variations of static positions but then the ‘balance‘ is important. The erectness, the elongation, the expansion of the muscles, the focusing aspects, minding each cell of the whole divine body system is to be noted. Slowness with steadiness is a must. Yes, patience is the virtue! With patience personified we won’t be patients (pun intended!)

Yoga if practiced as per the Sutras and the Holy Scriptures saves anybody from sin. Yoga integrates our actions via Karma Yoga; affinity via Bhakti Yoga; intellectual optimism via Gnana Yoga: steadfastness and vairagya via Raja Yoga.

We can delineate each and every golden element of threads of yoga which guard us from the threats of modern sedentary life. Hence expands our vision like the ever expanding universe!!

Come, join us in practicing the Yogic Way with my Dad (ARV) to relish the stellar synergy from within!!!

  1. Yoga Postures – Basics
  2. Yoga Postures – Basics (Step by Step)
  3. Surya Namaskar / Sun Salutations 
  4. Matsya Asana / Fish Pose
  5. Dhanur Asana / Bow Pose
  6. Added Preliminaries – Part-1 for Matsya & Dhanur Asana
  7. Methodology of Balancing
  8. Yoga and Varicose Veins
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