Yoga and Varicose Veins

Energy flows via yogic alignments in our body parts. It causes cells in each organ to garner the vital “prana” momentum. The weak parts normally twist or bulge or swell. Inflammation and inflation both are good within limits; of course, everything must be contained before contamination. And so are the leg muscles in particular. The veins near the skin when they protrude and we see a pinkish or greenish tinge with a slight pain even we can feel the varicose vein.

The chords carrying the deoxygenated blood from the tissues to the heart normally flows from bottom to the top lungs, but then reverse flow is not possible. Valves operate marvelously. When flow is affected clot takes place, leading to inflammation. Continuous strain of standing or sitting also affects blood pressure beyond accepted levels also cause varicose veins.

The Pranic Momentum

But then within limits our normal physical activities result in a flow of energy. So when this problem crops up lets us walk, then walk, then – again walk. At least for 40 minutes per day daily. Of course two times of 20 minutes’ duration is also advisable. Incidentally overweight problem; if it is clinging it also will leave along with the varicose veins. Fruits including blue berries, vegetables along with the leafy greens and colorful fresh ones will solve this malady.

  1. Standing upright in “Tadasana” is a remedy – raising the toes, raising both the hands above the head, binding the inverted fingers, establishing the bandha pose
  2. Similarly in Tadasana or mountain pose bending and touching the edge of the leg viz right hand touching the left leg’s little finger and vice versa is very effective.
  3. Generally, criss-crossing limb movements will remove varicose veins.
Criss-crossing limbs

4. Toe-walking is very effective as well.

5. In Vajrasana posture maintaining the forward lunge with both hands on the knee-caps and then raising the hands above the shoulders without losing the balance will be really a boom of an asana for varicose vein sufferers.


6. Along with these asanas, the catalytic Pranayama with inhalation via the right nostril (inspiration) and exhalation (expiration) via the left nostril is the complementing energy flow in yoga for varicose veins. Pranayama expands the energy flow and balances the uneven or one-sided energy vibration and additionally the clots are effectively ironed out.

Get familiarized with our Yoga’s Way before plunging into a routine action and we will be back with more resilient postures!

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