Engaged & Mindful Parenting

Mindful parenting is all about being in the present moment, cautiously and conscientiously to be able to respond thoughtfully to your child’s actions and behaviours, rather than simply reacting to the situation. We have had constant requests to talk about, and help share some tips and tricks to practically adapt to mindful parenting in this “quick-fix” world. After a thorough analysis from our personal roller-coaster parenting rides, here we are, knocking at your mind-step to present day-to-day stories and examples of how, where and why mindful parenting should be applied and is much needed. Since we are coming back after a gap, we are reopening with a bang – the much awaited “Mindful Parenting Worksheets” will also released along with every day snippets. Feel free to download and practice them with your family and loved ones – not for a better tomorrow, but for a better-now!

#MindfulParenting begins with a PURPOSE



A Prelude to Week-2 – Where does a child’s education begin?

Week-3 To blossom soon..

Week-4 To blossom soon..

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