Week-2 Day-4

RESPECTING EACH CHILD’S INDIVIDUAL GIFTS Saathvik had invited Shreyas over to study for an important mathematics test. Struggling with a problem, Saathvik asked Shreyas for some help. When Saathvik’s mother saw this, she contemptuously said, “Shreyas is so much smarter than you. He can solve these problems so fast! Why are you so slow?” HisContinue reading “Week-2 Day-4”

Week-2 Day-2

LEARNING THE ART OF PATIENCE “Mother, what does this say?” A boy held up a book for his mother to see. “It says, ‘Mesopotamia’. It’s not too hard. Say it,” she replied curtly. The boy sat there and attempted to mimic his mother’s pronuncuation. “ME-POT-O-SEMIA” he sounded out. “No. Pay attention. Mesopotamia” “ME-POT-O-SEMIA”  His motherContinue reading “Week-2 Day-2”

Week-1 Day-5

UNDERSTANDING THE VALUE OF HARD WORK A group of Indian Businessmen went to see the Mitutoyo Factory, famous for manufacturing precision measuring instruments, in Japan. They were given a tour by one pf the company’s smart, bright, young engineers. As they exited each section of the factory, they were constantly surprised to find that theContinue reading “Week-1 Day-5”

Week-1 Day-2

ENCOURAGING GOOD HABITS Once, in Thiruccherai, a 4-year old Saaranathan approached an Aacharya (Guru) and asked, “Swami! Can I recite a Bhagavad Gita shloka for you?” Despite his very tight schedule, the Aacharya affectionately replied, “Of course!” Saaranathan happily recited his favourite chapter. Aacharya was pleased with his effort and filled the young boy’s handsContinue reading “Week-1 Day-2”