Mindfulness – Episode #1

Reflection #2: Meet our characters “Bunch” & “Crunch”  Mindfulness as a calming agent: Being in a state of awareness without being judgmental about one’s own feelings and experiences is being “mindful”. Being mindful allows us to refocus deeply on the present moment – the here and the now. Mindfulness allows us to practically implement whatContinue reading “Mindfulness – Episode #1”

Bodhi & Maya Series – Kid’s Reflection #1

Bodhi & Maya Series – Kid’s Reflection #1 Explore your interests – Remember this is the age!! Bodhi & Maya: Hello friends! We are one of the thoughtful and mystical cousin pairs! We want to share our thought provoking positive ideas with our friends out there either as dialogues or in a story format. WeContinue reading “Bodhi & Maya Series – Kid’s Reflection #1”

The “WHY ?” Quotient ..!

The phone bell rings… She misses it as she feels a missing heart beat looking at the area code that flashed with the ringer. She wobbles herself while on an important work call on a parallel line, that according to her took priority. Her heart did not say so. She is mysteriously uninvolved in theContinue reading “The “WHY ?” Quotient ..!”

Life’s Transitions: the path travelled with my MOM!

One more for the “blast from the past” series. Initially I had written the following dedication on April 18th, 2009. Adding it here to my revived and worthwhile collection. Secured in a place where there is nothing but the angel’s love and surrounded with the life saving fluids which her hormones secreted just for me,Continue reading “Life’s Transitions: the path travelled with my MOM!”

Re-Invent Opportunity – Looking through the lens…

“I had originally written this post on March 11th, 2011 and in an opportunity to reinvent while reviving my blogging spirit, this is a blast from the past, with a revived look! Mind, imbued with a sense of difficulty and victory, I stepped into the spanking new arena of a multi-national Corporation way back inContinue reading “Re-Invent Opportunity – Looking through the lens…”

An Evening with 3Ps!!

Carnatic Vidyalaya – Annual Day 2019 “An evening with 3Ps – Purity, Patience and Perseverance” Pure achievers focus on activities which will deliver results for the entire humanity. The invaluable contribution will remain as long as the cosmos exist. That’s what the elated team of parents, kids and music lovers experienced this past Saturday –Continue reading “An Evening with 3Ps!!”

Yoga Postures – Basics

Get familiarized with our Yoga’s Way before plunging into a routine action! The standing postures indicate the necessity of keeping the sternum and the spine elongated and the chest and back ribs widened. Expanded chest means more circulation of oxygen. The life force viz prana propels everything ! Steady body with oxygen flow aided byContinue reading “Yoga Postures – Basics”