Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow… (Chapter-1)

“When I got enough confidence, the stage was gone.. When I was sure of Losing, I won. When I needed People the most, they Left me. When I learnt to dry my Tears, I found a shoulder to cry on” …No matter what you Plan, you never know what Life has Planned for you; SuccessContinue reading “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow… (Chapter-1)”

Dhanur Asana / Bow Pose

To gain continuity, visit the ongoing series share: Yoga’s Way with my Dad Dhanur Asana, the Bow Pose, indeed is an exquisite utility provider. “Dhanus” reflects “bow”. Like a bow ready for action via the aim, the body flexibility with the hands acting as the string of the bow of torso, and ankles clamped when aContinue reading “Dhanur Asana / Bow Pose”

Matsya Asana / Fish Pose

To gain continuity, visit the ongoing series share: Yoga’s Way with my Dad Maysta Asana, the Fish Pose, is really a bountiful “oushadam”, a panacea for many body-mind-spirit related problems. It creates plentiful immunity and a remedy for manu maladies. With inspiration, raising the upper torso (trunk of the human body) and upping head andContinue reading “Matsya Asana / Fish Pose”

Surya Namaskar / Sun Salutation

Get familiarized with our Yoga’s Way before plunging into a routine action! Yoga Asanas are the proper Postures for well-being. We learn to integrate body, mind and energy with the indwelling soul. Each person os a soil with a sole life energy. The brain power, the brawn power, and the power of the spirit, when we focus,Continue reading “Surya Namaskar / Sun Salutation”

Bodhi & Maya Series – Kid’s Reflection #1

Bodhi & Maya Series – Kid’s Reflection #1 Explore your interests – Remember this is the age!! Bodhi & Maya: Hello friends! We are one of the thoughtful and mystical cousin pairs! We want to share our thought provoking positive ideas with our friends out there either as dialogues or in a story format. WeContinue reading “Bodhi & Maya Series – Kid’s Reflection #1”

The “WHY ?” Quotient ..!

The phone bell rings… She misses it as she feels a missing heart beat looking at the area code that flashed with the ringer. She wobbles herself while on an important work call on a parallel line, that according to her took priority. Her heart did not say so. She is mysteriously uninvolved in theContinue reading “The “WHY ?” Quotient ..!”

Waterfall or Agile at HOME ??

Waterfall w/o load balancer or Agile with load balancer AT HOME?  Waterfall and Agile are two methodologies that rule the corporate world at the present moment. Yes, any mode of work, from requirements gathering to software services or products being deployed would go through two of these methodologies during its life cycle to evolve intoContinue reading “Waterfall or Agile at HOME ??”

Impurities of our MIND…

My weekend thoughts have been revolving around “impurities of our mind” and thinking about how they hinder our internal growth! Have you ever given this a thought ? Here are a few pointers that I couldn’t get past without a deeper reflection at every stop: > Expectations and/or associated Jealousy often lead to unnecessary comparisonsContinue reading “Impurities of our MIND…”

Life’s Transitions: the path travelled with my MOM!

One more for the “blast from the past” series. Initially I had written the following dedication on April 18th, 2009. Adding it here to my revived and worthwhile collection. Secured in a place where there is nothing but the angel’s love and surrounded with the life saving fluids which her hormones secreted just for me,Continue reading “Life’s Transitions: the path travelled with my MOM!”