Week-1 Day-5


A group of Indian Businessmen went to see the Mitutoyo Factory, famous for manufacturing precision measuring instruments, in Japan. They were given a tour by one pf the company’s smart, bright, young engineers.

As they exited each section of the factory, they were constantly surprised to find that the shoes they had left in disarray were always neatly arranged in a straight line. 

“Who arranges our shoes each time?” they asked amongst themselves, as they could see no workers in the area. Finally, to their surprise, they discovered that the bright, young engineer guiding them had been arranging their shoes each time. One of the Indian businessmen told the Japanese factory unit leader, “To have an accomplished engineer straightening our shoes is commendable on your part, but embarrassing on ours.”

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The factory unit leader replied, “Here, we do not think it beneath us to perform even the smallest task. This engineer works with labourers and professionals, alike. In fact, it was his father’s wish that he should be trained in each and every task, so that he learns the value of all work.”

“It is rare to have such visionary and wise parents these days. Who is his father?” one businessman asked.

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“His father is the owner of this factory and one of Japan’s leading tycoons, Mr. Yehan Numata. It is his father’s wish that before his son becomes the Managing Director of this company next year, his son should have performed the duties of every department in the company. He should know the value of hard work. Only then will his father believe he is worthy of being the company’s Managing Director.”

To make our children worthy of any kind of attainment, we mist teach them the value of hard work, regardless of how menial the task may be. 

For parents to ponder and reflect upon:

Consider this perspective from Nobel Prize winning writer, Rabindranath Tagore: “There is none more unfortunate than the child who gets his every demand. A child needs to learn that nothing in this world is to be had at the mere asking – you have to work for what you want. When a child asks for something, his/her parent is quick to pull out a rupee/buck from their pocket; but, does the child know where that buck came from? That buck is the result of some type of work; this the child must understand.”

You cannot cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”

How can you instil a solid work ethic in your children from early on?? Complete this worksheet along with your family and share with us in the comments below.

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