Surya Namaskar / Sun Salutation

Get familiarized with our Yoga’s Way before plunging into a routine action!

Yoga Asanas are the proper Postures for well-being. We learn to integrate body, mind and energy with the indwelling soul. Each person os a soil with a sole life energy. The brain power, the brawn power, and the power of the spirit, when we focus, then we do perceive clearly. We can act nicely. We get the resultant positive benefits of course optimum benefits. Optimum is the maximum with expected constraints normally affecting our practical actions.

Sun Salutation with the full varation release the benefits of the Eight Asanas.

In the downloadble PDF version shared below, Surya Namaskar/Sun Salutation asanas and poses are attempted with a basic explanation. It covers quick details and what is accomplished with every single pose.

Yoga is a synergic missile or Asthraa against any virus of the body or mind which may try to make in-roads. However, it will be flushed out with

  1. Powerful Asanas
  2. Mind blowing Praanayama
  3. Energy synchronization with the divine Power of the indwelling soul

Watch out for a video to be posted on the step by step Surya Namaskar process…

Published by Ramya Varadharajan

A passionate young woman who has just realized her Iconic Independence, truly by leading a life, on her own – which she has only fantasized in her dreams all through these years, before stepping into a challenging role of this kind (you will get to know what this journey has been!). I have wanted to prove myself, not just in the cyber space, but the treasure-filled stage of life as well. Ask me to whom I wanted to prove? It was just to myself and not to anyone else. I for one slide into the shoes offered to me on a daily basis by the All-Pervasive! Whatever that might be! I also want to be an active player all through the blissful years that is showered and the ones that I am yet to be presented with! I am full of life and values and wish to re-create the meaning of this ‘journey undertaken’ – not just through the mere survival and existence, but by the richness of resilient thoughts to LIVE and THRIVE every moment that flashes by!

16 thoughts on “Surya Namaskar / Sun Salutation

  1. Awesome work dear. Each and every blog reveals your power of expression. Crisp and clear in clubbing the words. Wishing u to continue ur writing. Awaiting for some more interesting topics . Krishna’s blessings

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      1. Absolutely! We started a team yoga session (online) and met for about 30 min every day. The beginnings were muscle aches (personally for me!); later it became my morning routine! All the very best for your journey!

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  2. Mind is bundle of thoughts and thoughts relate time past present and future thoughts are influence ct tod by three gunas rajas thamas and sathva in the ultimate analysis gunas play a role in ourvision and mission your write up is thought provoking ink

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    1. Thank you so much for your visit here! All the best wishes and thoughts are needed as I drive inspiration from and around (and of course from the within!)! Just into a small step of giving back in a way that I can. Happy to share the stage with an inspiration that you are! Thanks again!


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