Matsya Asana / Fish Pose

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Maysta Asana, the Fish Pose, is really a bountiful “oushadam”, a panacea for many body-mind-spirit related problems. It creates plentiful immunity and a remedy for manu maladies. With inspiration, raising the upper torso (trunk of the human body) and upping head and then releasing head back to the ground, chest lifted while the back is arched, really a scintillating posture.

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Matsyasana, in addition to Surya Namaskar promotes immunity via strengthening the Agnya Chakra and Sahasra Chakra. When we are in Shanthi Asana (peace pose) and palms kept by the sides, with head lifted, creating a back arch by raising our chest head’s crown touching the earth, chest is expanded and vinyasa (movement between poses in yoga, typically accompanied by regulated breathing) flow becomes rhythmical. The different joints and the muscles with the neck, the eyes, the shoulders, the intestines, the knees, when integrated with inspiratory expiratory balance establishes a flow of positive vibe as a fish experiencing a flow in water.

Indeed the Fish Posture is an asset for holistic mindful value creation! The thyroid gland is stimulated and the thyroid hormones create the vinyasa which we can feel with persistant practice. The neck, the glutes and the heart with the rejuvenated oxygen flow enlightens body, mind and spirit. It aids aligning the abdomen holistically by making it toned and tuned. The shoulder blades with the back relaxation in tandem with the opened lungs drives out the toxins and the various diseases. Obesity, low back pain problems, hip flexor aches and related bundles of body problems too will fly away from any genuine follower or practisioner of MatsyAsana.

MatsyAsana Zoomed In pose

A fish out of the water will be unimaginable. The movement of fishes in water enlightens our wisdom via the perfect vinyasa flow-cum-balance. Our lives too will be lively with this missile of an Asana!

Surya Namaskar and (preliminary) Matsya Asana with ARV video to be posted soon…

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Added Preliminaries – Part-1 for Matsya Asana

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