The “WHY ?” Quotient ..!

The phone bell rings…

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She misses it as she feels a missing heart beat looking at the area code that flashed with the ringer. She wobbles herself while on an important work call on a parallel line, that according to her took priority. Her heart did not say so. She is mysteriously uninvolved in the call that’s ongoing, while her husband walk up the stairs and positions next to her. She feels immense confidence and strength in his touch. His eyes were not relaxed, but not unsteady either. He did not speak up a word when she signaled him. She knew something is going on. While a plethora of thoughts swish past her mind, she couldn’t zoom in on the details herself. No amount of guess  work would have fruitified since its not something that anyone would voluntarily guess for, or ask for. The silence was as though a storm was about to afflict them. Though all of this in its entirety took just a couple of minutes, the couple felt the leap with a strong threshold. He broke the silence, in a way that it would not cause the adrenaline rush; however the health concerning topic would shake a mountain when first heard. Yes, it was the report from their Endocrinologist which did not look great. The couple held their hands (and hearts) together, and walked down the stairs to sieve through the pointers that the Doctor had shared. She was thunderstruck in all its essence. They reflected positively on their most favorite Bhagavad Gita quote by Lord Krishna: “No one who does good work will ever come to a bad end, either here or in the world to come. We should do our work without worrying about its results. The mind is restless and difficult to restrain, but is subdued by practice” 

It is the colossal “C” that they are dealing with. Knowing that its curable on one hand, their hearts and minds were full of just one thought and question – WHY us ? 

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I hear all hearts going “TRUE” at this very second. Do you resonate with that ask ? Have you always felt that the only question that’s unanswered is “WHY me” ? Do we ask “WHY me” when we win a million dollars in a poker game ? Why do we tend to take the side of partiality when it comes to hardship alone ? It is the basic human tendency to bend towards the happier, less suffering oriented path throughout the journey of life. Hence the “WHY me” remains unanswered. 

Once we invest time and effort to understand the ABCs of Life, the purpose of “why”, though is not completely fulfilled, it is at the minimum understood well, and not erratically left as a question tag. It’s a true follower of these that will be able to reflect upon the “purpose of life” :

Actively capable, 

Being a strong leader, 

Constantly learning and channelizing the growth dynamics,

Duplicating the reflection of your own self image, 

Engaging and edifying in varied strengths to stay humble, 

Focusing on creating opportunities of security and stability,

Giving positive room for everyone to grow,

Highly achieving and happily accomplishing health, 

Identifying and pursuing a goal, 

Journeying the excitement of dreams, 

Kindling the joy of thriving, 

Leading Life efficiently and coherently, 

Moving forward to practice the positives,

Neatly dressed and well behaved,

Optimistically open-minded, 

Productively extend a supporting system, 

Questioning the changing mindset, 

Relating and listening to human-kind with empathy,

Staying true to your identity, 

Taking charge of your thought process and trust building,

Uplifting each other consistently, 

Visualizing what you and your family can be and mean,

Wonderfully and bodaciously daring to face challenges,

Xenialy smart,

Yearning to aspire the dream goal,

Zeal’ing to be the authority, confidence and success, yourself !!!!!!! 

We might not be able to find out an answer to the “WHY me?” question in any of the posts, nor in the brilliance of any book-work, even if it’s by the greatest of the minds. The true answer is in the “journey inward”. It is not a punishable act to think about the wrong-deeds that we might have committed when a lightning strike us, rather it would give us a place of solace. Nothing more, nothing less. The pain will not vanish. The truth will never become less intense. The suffering will not fade away. Everything remains as what it should be, and is. For those that strongly believe in a Supreme Power or Godhood, it is an act of vigorous and exceptional “testing”. The powerful and zealous always triumph. They do not complain, neither do they procastinate their thoughts to flower into purpose-filled action!

Is it always necessary to stay positive and keep doing what ought to be done in the righteous way ?


If you do not fight for what you want, then don’t cry for what you lost”. One of my most favorite verses from Bhagavad Gita (yet again)! We follow this in its entirety when it comes to climbing up the ladder of work and growth prosperity. However, do we get to follow this with respect to our “mental maturity” and the “journey inward”? Many ask me what that journey inwards look like and how do we realize the same ? Well, to honestly and self-reliantly answer that question – I wouldn’t know of a unique answer. It should be found by the self. Experience becomes the best teacher (read: guru) of and for ALL! Try to experience it.

More to bloom from this inward journey.

Have you tried to resolve your “WHY me” yet ?

Do share your thoughts and critique growth process for us to collaborate on our journey! 

Published by Ramya Varadharajan

A passionate young woman who has just realized her Iconic Independence, truly by leading a life, on her own – which she has only fantasized in her dreams all through these years, before stepping into a challenging role of this kind (you will get to know what this journey has been!). I have wanted to prove myself, not just in the cyber space, but the treasure-filled stage of life as well. Ask me to whom I wanted to prove? It was just to myself and not to anyone else. I for one slide into the shoes offered to me on a daily basis by the All-Pervasive! Whatever that might be! I also want to be an active player all through the blissful years that is showered and the ones that I am yet to be presented with! I am full of life and values and wish to re-create the meaning of this ‘journey undertaken’ – not just through the mere survival and existence, but by the richness of resilient thoughts to LIVE and THRIVE every moment that flashes by!

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    1. Thanks Derek! That’s very true! It’s after all a “world wide web” and to collaborate selflessly should be our first step towards that drive!


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