An Evening Aroma

An Evening Aroma…

It was a fine evening when I walked up to the terrace to water our plants. I could smell the fresh fragrance and aroma of Mother Nature fine tuning my skills from the inner side !! True, I felt my blood as it gushed through the blood vessels, I could sense the beating of my pulse in tune with the surrounding environ. I reached out to parents to ensure my goose bumps were real for a reality that was experienced!!!

An evening which has had lasting memories, almost for more than a decade now. You may ask me, what was special in that evening? My answer might not just leave a verbal touch but sway you through the mellifluous experience as cordially as you could have undergone by your self!

One may not find rhyme (here), but there is a lot of ‘rhythm’ through the “feel” and “love” that ought to be exchanged with our Mother Nature !!

She demands love in return !At what cost ? Go ahead and find out for yourselves!

The squawking birds gliding off their stealthy plane,
trespassing the cloud’s patchwork.
The glinting leaves waving off with passion,
along the path of windy handwork.
The striking flowers spreading the fragrance,
transcending the leafy touch.
The scintillating rays diverging off in the rational horizon,
forcing the creep of childish sempiternal admiration !

Nature leads her way very gently  across and within me as I share this thought ! Let me also know how she enthrals you by casting your vote at the below poll!

Published by Ramya Varadharajan

A passionate young woman who has just realized her Iconic Independence, truly by leading a life, on her own – which she has only fantasized in her dreams all through these years, before stepping into a challenging role of this kind (you will get to know what this journey has been!). I have wanted to prove myself, not just in the cyber space, but the treasure-filled stage of life as well. Ask me to whom I wanted to prove? It was just to myself and not to anyone else. I for one slide into the shoes offered to me on a daily basis by the All-Pervasive! Whatever that might be! I also want to be an active player all through the blissful years that is showered and the ones that I am yet to be presented with! I am full of life and values and wish to re-create the meaning of this ‘journey undertaken’ – not just through the mere survival and existence, but by the richness of resilient thoughts to LIVE and THRIVE every moment that flashes by!

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